Own a quitfacebook profile.

Transfer the amount of money corresponding to the profile number you want and send me a message containing the content of your page, or do it yourself through GitHub. Verify if your profile is already taken before paying; first-come, first-served.
www.quitfacebook.org/profile/1.html is mine, you can't have it.
www.quitfacebook.org/profile/2.html costs $2,
www.quitfacebook.org/profile/3.html costs $3,
www.quitfacebook.org/profile/1000000.html costs $1000000,
One million dollars meme, Austin Powers.


No harmful or traumatizing visual content.
PS Don't buy it if the prices seem ridiculous.
You don't really need it anyway, like most stuff.

Taken profiles

#1 by Angelino Desmet.